The most versatile GSM alarm transmitter on the market.

elo-gsm51_antenna_matchbox_250pxThe ELO-GSM51 measures only 82 x 63 mm, and the flexible power options allows installation in all alarm panels; the device accepts 12 or 24 V supply voltage – both AC and DC!

Alarm- and fault situations are communicated through text and/or voice messages.

Quick and easy installation using self adhesive pads for both PCB and antenna. Simple commissioning – the device can be configured through SMS or from PC.

The ELO-GSM51 is perfect if you wish to be rid of your existing land line.

For even more control and management options, try "big brother" ELO-GSM64.

GSM Quad-band Quad-band  
Inputs 5 6
Outputs 1 4
Supply voltage 10-24 V AC/DC 16-24 VAC / 18-24 VDC
Power consumption 200 mA max.
1500 mA max.
Dimensions (PCB) 82 x 63 x 20 mm 140 x 100 x 18 mm
Dimensions (optional housing)
160 x 90 x 50 mm
280 x 170 x 60 mm