Fire Alarms for Agriculture

A fire alarm system is an investment in safety for you and your loved ones. During a fire, the first few minutes are critical – fire alarms from Elotec provide warning while you can still act on your own.

Agricultural application imposes particular demands on the alarm system. After solving the challenge posed by the oftentimes harsh conditions in livestock rooms, we introduced our first Aspirating Smoke Detector, which in many installations has been in continuous operation for more than 15 years! The product is constantly improved, and today's version has even better performance  – without compromising the properties that has made the detector so well suited for rough environments.

Elotec is the market leader in this segment, and have supplied systems to farm owners throughout Scandinavia since 1992. Ease of installation and exceptional protection against overvoltage have always been priorities.

Since the very beginning, our systems have included unique and innovative functions aimed at providing the best possible user experience.

Years of experience, and delivery of more than 55 000 aspiration systems, show that Elotec fire alarm systems are very stable and reliable.