All the necessary equipment for special projects demanding extra cleaning, filtration and other adaptations.

Elotec's pipes and parts are specially manufactured for the application, and possess several special properties, for instance an internal Ra value of 1.6 or better. This contributes to preventing build-up of dust and bacteria in the pipeline, and to ensure optimal function in relation to the transportation of smoke.

Pipe lengths of up to 100 m will have an expansion coefficient that necessitates fastening materials that will allow movement without reducing safety. A snap-in exhaust kit can be employed to lead exhaust air back into the animal room and thereby balancing excessive over- or under-pressure.

EloVac is a very simple and necessary aid for planning and installing pipelines in a completely secure fashion, with no need for complex calculation programs. EloVac can be used to ensure that sampling  points will work in all conditions.

Vulcan cyclone filters separate both dust and condensation within the same unit through an Elotec patented solution - without affecting transport times or sensitivity.

EloClean will automatically clean the pipeline at different intervals, using both physical cleansing, air and liquid. The EloClean is designed to be placed into the pipeline without affecting transport times or sensitivity.