ae2010_front_250 Aspirating Smoke Detectors are Elotec's primary product group. Through more than 55 000 sold units in agriculture and other demanding environments, we have acquired a unique base of experience.

Sensor variants

Elotec has developed new sensor types to meet varied demands from all kinds of environments – ranging from critical objects in clean surroundings to agriculture and heavy industry  – making the Elotec ASPECT extremely adaptable. 

Grizzle provides early detection of visible smoke, even in extremely dusty environments.

Nitro detects smoke and invisible fire gases, even in corrosive surroundings with large amounts of air-borne dust.

Lazeer employs unified sensor technologies to achieve the highest possible sensitivity to all types of fires, and is used for early warning in clean rooms.

Important applications

Ceiling height and ventilation systems in industrial and agricultural buildings imply that detectors in these buildings should possess class B sensitivity. This might present challenges in relation to naturally occurring dust and corrosive agents, that could cause unwanted alarms  – or even lead to faults  –  in equipment that isn't developed with such conditions in mind.

The Elotec ASPECT is the only device on the market that is robust enough to function without problems in these surroundings and still maintain class B sensitivity according to EN54-20.


ASPECT is the original Aspirating Smoke Detector for agriculture, with an impressive track record in Norwegian and Scandinavian barns, chicken farms, stables and greenhouses since 1992.


ASPECT provides early and reliable detection even in dusty and humid environments, and is the natural choice for production areas and warehouses.


ASPECT is a service friendly and nearly invisible system for early warning in church rooms. By being designed for rough environments, the system can easily handle large temperature changes, and the Aspect provides higher sensitivity than point detectors under high ceilings.


Aspect Accessories