Clustered wooden houses

Several towns in Norway are famous for their picturesque wooden houses and narrow, cozy streets and alleys. Unfortunately, these areas are extremely vulnerable, and a fire could quickly spread throughout large parts of the town.


This makes early warning extremely important, but traditional solutions often encounter obstacles in these particular surroundings. Amongst other things, visible cables are not wanted in the listed buildings, and it may be difficult to connect the buildings to create a coherent system for warning.

Elotec's solution

Elotec has eagerly met these challenges, and offers a unique concept for protection of entire neighborhoods, small towns and other building clusters.

Leading wireless technology allows a complete fire alarm system to be installed without cables, making the installation quite inconspicuous. Added to this, the devices have an elegant low profile design.

Detailed information on the originating point can be transferred directly to the fire brigade for quickest possible response.

Unique functions allow residents to take control of their part of the system and thereby avoid unwanted alarms.

The concept has been delivered to the town of Røros, Loshavn by Farsund and "Posebyen" – the old town in Kristiansand. Since 2004, these systems have averted at least three potentially catastrophic fires.