Fire alarms for churches

Fire protection of churches is important in order to secure both material and social / emotional values, but many church buildings poses their own challenges. Especially in old, venerable churches, technical installations should be as near invisible as possible.

Effective protection that doesn't show

In order not to affect the aesthetic environment in the church, Elotec has focused on making visible components as small and discreet as possible.

snifferUsing the Elotec Aspect, pipelines may be placed in the church loft, and only tiny sampling points are drawn into the church room itself. This provides maintenance free, nearly invisible detection points, and just one common service point that can be placed where it is easily accessible.

The Aspect will continuously analyze the smoke content of air sampled through the hidden pipes. Detection points may also be placed in the eaves to achieve external detection.

Robust detection methods

Low temperatures and large temperature variations in churches that are normally not heated could place a lot of strain on technical equipment. Elotec's systems are created for harsh environments, and is unaffected by temperature, moisture and dust. This provides reliable early warning with no unwanted alarms.

Foto, Alvdal Kirke: Wikimedia Commons (bruker Andewa).
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