Fire alarms for greenhouses

High risk

As is well known, many greenhouses are very exposed to fire due to extensive use of synthetic materials, glass and flammable storage containers, isolation and flower soil. There are also large electrical installations in the form of automation systems and lighting fixtures that also create warmth.

Automated transportation systems and ventilation distributes fire gases and burning materials around into adjacent buildings. Early warning in the event of a fire is essential.

Challenging detection

Elotec has seen the challenges inherent in the detection of smoke in greenhouses where dust, pollen and high humidity could affect equipment that hasn't been adapted to these conditions. Limited spread of smoke may also be a challenge in certain greenhouses, as shadow curtains may obstruct the transportation of smoke to the high ridge of the ceiling where point detectors are usually placed.

Elotec's solution

ASPECT 2010 frontThe ASPECT meets all of the above challenges, and provides the most reliable detection in these buildings. Pipelines with outlying sampling points makes detection both under and above shadow curtains simple, which i s impractical with traditional point detection.

The detector has been designed specifically to make it impossible for dust and moisture to affect detection, and is exceptionally stable even in rough environments. High sensitivity for the earliest possible warning can be maintained without unwanted alarms.