Fire alarms for poultry farms

Fires in egg- and poultry production often receive huge headlines in the media because of the number of dead animals – often in the tens of thousands.

High risk

The fire risk in poultry farms is considerable, because of large amounts of dust and frequent cleaning / washdowns with subsequent risk of water getting into some components.

Early detection is essential in these buildings, as the birds are vulnerable to smoke and fire gases, and the airborne dust could make fires almost explosive in nature.

Important adaptation

ASPECT 2010 front Any equipment installed in such buildings – including fire alarm systems – must not only be suited for the environment, but also take into consideration risk of infection and build-up of bacteria. All equipment from Elotec  – from pipes to strobes – have been designed to address these issues.

Cleaning the equipment is very simple, and we have developed automatic cleaning systems that some of the largest producers value highly. Manual cleaning of the system can be performed in ten minutes.

We are aware that producers have differing views on humidity and cleaning during the rearing period, which leads to large variations in the amount of dust and moisture. Elotec's systems maintain their functionality even if the operator changes the method after installation.