Warehouses and workshops

Ordinary point detectors possess certain weaknesses in halls with high ceilings. The standardized sensitivity of these devices make them less suited where the ceiling height exceeds 8 m. A need for ladders or lifts that must be moved to each and every point during service is also a challenge.

Many halls may also have challenging environments with a lot of dust or fumes from welding and exhaust, and in freezer warehouses devices must cope with extreme cold and potential moisture.

Aspirating Smoke Detectors from Elotec are a service friendly and effective alternative to point detection in large, open halls. 100 m pipelines enables each device to cover more than 1500 m², and its class B sensitivity makes it suited even under high ceilings.

The Elotec Aspect is also specially designed not to be affected by environmental variables like dust, moisture and temperature. Optimized filtering systems ensure that high sensitivity and early warning capabilities are maintained with no unwanted alarms even in dusty and humid surroundings, and all components are specified for use in temperatures below -40 °C.