• 03.09.2012 Alarm transmission to mobile phone saved 1400 pigs
    Pig farmers at Jømna avoided a big fire in their stable with 1400 pigs, thanks to the early warning from the Elotec system and their own extinguishing efforts.

    The couple was away from the farm when the alarm started, but received the message on their mobile phones and hurried back. Once they returned, they found a fuse box on fire, and the wife managed to put out the fire with a hand-held extinguisher.

    According to Arne Lileng, Response Leader of Midt-Hedmark Fire and Rescue Service, there is no doubt that the alarm equipment and prompt extinguishing efforts saved both the stable and its 1400 pigs.

  • 01.04.2011 Fire in daycare-center prevented by Elotec fire alarm
    A beginning fire in a fuse box/technical room associated with the ventilation system was quickly detected and warned of by the Magnum 25 system. Les mer