• Easily accessible common backup battery for all smoke alarms
  • Patented function for quick and easy identification of the originating point
  • Simple operation – just one button

Full control with the world's smallest fire alarm panel.


Depending on the exact model, up to 8 or 15 smoke- and water alarms may be connected, distributed across two zones. All smoke alarms (optical and ionization) that are connected to the Jubilee have built-in sounders. When one device detects smoke, all devices will sound an alarm.


The Jubilee is eqipped with two outputs that can be employed for activating external sounders and/or trigger equipment for sending messages to mobile phones, alarm stations etc.


The Jubilee allows you to disable connected smoke alarms when required. Devices are automatically re-enabled after 15 minutes. 

Water leakage

Through connecting special water alarms, the Jubilee system can detect and notify of moisture / leaks.

Panic / Assault

The Jubilee can be configured to activate transmission of an emergency message when the button is pressed rapidly a set number of times.