The Magnum family consists of the alarm panels Magnum 10 and Magnum 25. Both panels share the same simple operating and programming functions – the difference lies in the potential for expansions.

The fire alarm panels have high capacity  – each loop allows for 125 unique device addresses and high power consumption. Additionally, the possibility of using shadow sounders makes it possible to connect a large number of loop-powered sounders without occupying address space that could be used for detectors and other devices.

Addressed an connected devices are detected and recognized automatically, and the system is fully operational in less than two minutes. Further customization kan be performed using the panel keyboard, IR remote, PS/2 keyboard or from a PC with dedicated software. As easy as using your mobile phone!

Flexible configuration of I/O devices and sounders allows for detailed customization. With 384 programmable zones and 512 sounder and I/O groups the system can be tailored to any need.

Magnum 25 – the fire alarm panel that takes on any challenge

magnum_25The MAGNUM 25 is a powerful analogue addressable fire alarm panel with the possibility of distributed intelligence. A high level of redundancy and backup functions makes the MAGNUM 25 well suited for even the most complex installations. The modular system can be easily expanded.

The MAGNUM 25 is supplied with 1 or 3 loops, and the system can be expanded to incorporate up to 96 loops through a network of sub-panels. These can be supplied as "black boxes" or with integrated control panels.

Networking of sub-panels and/or control panels is possible through RS485, fiber-optics or TCP-IP. By using RS485 or fiber, the network can be set up in a redundant 2-way ring topology for maximum safety.

Magnum 10 – tiny powerhouse

magnum_10_flushFunctionally similar to its big brother – the Magnum 25 – but supplied in a compact housing with one loop. The panel can be expanded with one extra loop and extra control panels, but no sub-panels. 

The practical housing provides ample room for cables and connections, and lends itself very well to recessed mounting.