Elotec celebrates 20 year anniversary


Elotec turned 20 on February 6, and we indulge in quick look at the past before once again turning our eyes to where they should be – on the possibilities we have ahead of us.

Since 1992 we have...

  • Contributed to better safety in agriculture by developing fire alarm systems for rough environments.
  • Secured 130 000 buildings with 55 000 Aspirating Smoke Detectors and more than a million point detectors.
  • Developed several innovative products for intelligent warning.
  • Grown from a one-man business to a group represented in several European countries.

In the anniversary year of 2012 we will, amongst other things...

  • Increase our presence in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.
  • Install fire alarms in the world's largest windmills.

The actual birthday was celebrated with a laser show over our home town Oppdal and a festive dinner for employees with families and good friends.

We would like to thank everyone who sent their congratulations, and we look forward to the next 20 years with all of our partners home and abroad.