Fire alarms for residences

Connected smoke alarms have become commonplace, and ensure that everyone in the house is warned of a fire situation. But how do you locate the beginning fire when you are surrounded by squealing alarms?

Elotec's solution

Naturally, Elotec offers connectable smoke alarms, and both wired devices connected to Jubilee and wireless alarms contain an Elotec patented function that guides you directly to the originating spot.

In Norway and Finland, smoke alarms in new houses are required to be powered by mains and have battery backup. The easiest way to meet these requirements is through the Elotec Jubilee. This device provides a power supply with a common backup battery for up to 8 or 15 smoke alarms. As all devices are powered by the Jubilee, there is no need to replace batteries in individual devices.

A home alarm system like the wireless Baron 20 will also fulfill the intent of the requirement, as the battery level of each detector is monitored by the control panel. The location of the fire is shown in clear text on the panel display.

EO 120 wireless smoke alarms can be quickly installed in existing homes that are not affected by the requirement for mains supply.