Listed buildings


Stiftsgården, TrondheimStiftsgården

Addressable fire alarm including aspirating smoke detectors in the Royal Residence in Trondheim.

Røros byRøros

Wireless fire alarm secures 16 blocks of wooden houses in the old town of Røros. ElotecniQ devices prevent unneccessary alarms to the fire brigade.


Wireless fire alarm protects clustered wooden houses in the small community of Loshavn near Farsund.


Wireless fire alarm protects wooden houses and a small stave church. Integrated with third party camera surveillance and radio link directly to the fire brigade.

trondelag_folkemuseum_01 Photo: Cato Edvardsen. Published under a CC Attribution ShareAlike 3.0-license


Wireless fire alarm system in more than 60 buildings at Sverresborg Museum in Trondheim.

Undredal Photo: Micha L. Rieser. Published under a CC Attribution ShareAlike 3.0-lisens


Wireless fire alarm system secures the community of Undredal on the Aurlandsfjord.