The Royal range – Elotec's wireless fire alarm systems for the professional market – has reached its third generation. The latest addition, Royal Z+, fulfills the needs of most objects, while the original ROYAL still has its forte in very large installations.

Advanced wireless technology produces systems that are flexible and easy to install. With no cables, the system becomes less visually intrusive than traditional systems, and attractive low-profile devices contribute to a pleasing whole.

The Royal range uses a dedicated frequency for wireless alarms that gives better reach and less interference.

The Royal systems have achieved a lot of attention in certain circles, and have been chosen to protect such high profile objects as the UNESCO listed wooden houses in Røros, the island community of Grip outside Kristiansund and Sverresborg Folk Museum in Trondheim.
Grip Island


Certified to EN54-25, the system is considered equal to wired systems, making it easy to choose the Royal Z+ for installations where it is impractical or undesirable to use cables, or in cases where swift installation is a demand.

The control panel is compact and can handle up to 240 wireless devices. Configuration is carried out through simple guides at the panel – with no need for special equipment.

The radio range can be extended through booster panels and intelligent antennae.

ROYAL – for large areas

The very largest installations require radio coverage of large areas. Using the ROYAL system, as many as 50 panels can be connected in a wireless network, and together handle up to 3000 wireless detectors.

ROYAL is a flexible system, that through the use of control- and booster panels in a network is fully scalable and suited for anything from the smallest installations to large commercial buildings and entire urban environments.