At Elotec, we are solution oriented, and always eager to take on a challenge. We have developed several unique concepts for fire detection and warning in environments that present particular challenges – in industry, commercial buildings, agriculture and residences. 


Securing buildings with extreme environmental variables  –  such as dust, moisture and corrosive gases – demands specially developed solutions in order to function reliably. Elotec has years of experience in fire detection in harsh environments.

No two buildings are completely the same, and individual adaptations will always be necessary. Elotec offers solutions from A to Z, and products that function just as well in dusty and humid surroundings as in the living room.


Elotec has seen the need for varying forms of warning in different installations, and have developed concepts to avoid disruptions by nuisance alarms caused by the end user, as well as intelligent methods of warning that quickly provides a full overview of the situation.